Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm sorry for not updating my blog as often as i do last time.
I'm just a little too busy lately packing and meeting with all my friends. :)

however i've uploaded all of them in this facebook album.
I will write some photo captions to tell you guys where the photos were taken.

just click this link and you'll be able to see the photos!

have fun!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last 2 weeks in Korea.

Well i'm sure everybody is wondering why am i heading home after only being here for 2 weeks plus. It's really a hard decision for me to make but i guess it's the best for my future for now.

First of all, i would really want to thank everybody who are in Korea, whichever and wherever part of the world are u from, THANK YOU for being here for me when I was in Korea. It's certainly a journey that i will never forget till the day i day. And also i would like to say thank you to KNU for giving me the opportunity to come over here. It is certainly an experience of a lifetime and i'll always remember what i've learnt over here.

Well. the main reason why i'm leaving Korea to go back to further my studies is because: the college which i'm currently at now (Owens International College) recently offered us a 2 + 2 program which transfers us to Oklahoma City University which offers a degree in Business Admin which i'm not interested in. Although it is possible for me to stay for the next 3 years in KNU, however I think i'll be the only 2 or 3 students left behind and i really do not want to be in a class with only that few students. That is why I will be heading home on the 28th of March to further my studies, majoring in either International Business or Marketing, depending on which university i'll be attending.

:) so that's the reason why i'm heading home. I will definitely miss Korea when i head home. I'll continue to upload pictures as i'll be travelling to few places this week. so stay tune yeah!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Touching week before going home.

Well time really do flies. I can't believe it's already december! and I'll be heading back home in less than 5 days! well last week was certainly a week FULL of ups and down. But i thank God for everything that has happened. I'm glad that i've already let go of things that are not worth having. :)

Last Friday was indeed a touching day for me because it was my last day teaching in the kindergarden.. I can't believe i actually didn't want to leave because they're just so so cute! Well here are some pictures of what i did on that day.. Food of the day: Goreng Pisang!

I think if i make this for Malaysians comfirm fail! thankfully they enjoyed it.. hahahaha..

There are just SO SO CUTE I TELL YOU! and it's so funny cause they just speak and speak Korean to me and i just smile at them because i barely understand what they're actually saying.. LOL!

Happy faces eating my food..

I'm surely gonna miss this place! Nice working with you guys!

Well God answered my prayer too! Before that i was complaining to my friends because I really wanted to experience snow before heading back home. Well guess wat? last Saturday it DID SNOW!! It was snowing the whole morning and afternoon.. Unfortunately i wasn't able to take much pictures because of the thin snow.. Which means everything just turn into water when it reaches the ground..

Well this is gonna be last week here before i head home so i'm gonna make the most out of it! :)


Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're given a choice.

Today as I was singing this song at church, Lord I give You my heart, there was a line in the song where just struck me and kept me thinking throughout the whole day.

This is my desire,
To Honour You,

A simple line yet it is filled with so much meaning in it.
We're given a choice to do the things we want. God DO NOT force us to do things. He gave us a choice to do right and wrong, and through it all experience this journey of life that is full of everything. Joy, Laughter, Sadness, Pain, Love, Hatred and many other emotions.

Well the year is coming to and end. As I'm reflecting about this year, it is indeed a challenging year for me. Yet I'm very thankful because I've became who I am today. I know I'm not a perfect person, yet the mistakes and right choices made has made me wiser day by day. I personally agree that we should live life with no regret and just make the most out of it.

Some things just happens for a reason. I know because of my past I am constantly judge today. Yet, I still treat it as a challenge to prove to many that I am not who I am like the past. This year I've certainly made choices which I really feel good about it. I have no regrets coming here to Korea. This year in Korea did gave me time to clear my head from the hectic working + studying life of Malaysia and to think and reflect of who i have become and who I want to be in the future. I guess God do works in ways we least expect.

7 more days and I'll be back home. I'm pretty optimistic and I'm really hoping that everything will be going according to plan. But, of course I must always be ready for the worst because there are so many things which I ought correct cause of the mistakes I've done during the past. God pls be there for me and give me wisdom for the next 3 months back home.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Seriously i think nobody truely understand what i'm going through nowadays.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

OIC gathering and Foreigners outing.

Sorry for not updating my blog ppl. My mind have been pretty clouded lately. Too much thoughts and distraction which makes me up and down almost everyday. I really want to go back Malaysia T.T.. I doubt it's because i'm having homesick or whatsoever but i think it's cause i just want to see with my eyes what's actually happening rather than just hearing stories from other people.

Ok enough of myself. Last week, Owens International College (OIC-the course which i'm currently in now) had lunch together in some traditional Chinese restaurant. For me, i've sorta expected something Korean-ish rather than pure Chinese food after eating in several chinese restaurants. Well i guess this is the closest i've ever tasted so far. So here are some pictures. not many though. But I did have my tummy filled! YUMZ!

Salmon + Char Siew (Pork) + Century Egg and some vege. Char Siew really reminded me of Char Siew rice back home! My favourite!


Some noodles if i'm not wrong. I can't recall what was it already. Haha..

The usual korean side dishes which is a MUST in every Korean restaurants. Unfortunately i don't eat any of them..

This sweet sour prawn is awesome! One of my favorites of the day!

Sweet sour chicken which was nice too.. Quite common in Korean Chinese Restaurants..

After lunch we went to Asan to some park which was supposta be our Korean class group assignment. It was freezing cold that day! i seriously froze eventhough i had a sweater with me.. T.T but it was a nice walk around the park.

The cloud is just awesome! and i did not photoshop any of the photos alright? some of them really look a little fake..

If the weather was around 15C i think i'll really enjoy myself over here.. Will definitely come here again!

Soothing scenery.

All the different colours of the leaves.

Picture of the day! I love this shot!


This is what they call a tunnel.. LOL.. kena tipu d..

So yeah that's the highlight for last week! i guess i wont' be updated much anymore because my finals are coming real soon and i have to study real hard before heading back home! do keep me in prayers alright? I will really appreciate it. And pls pray for me to stay strong and not look back. :)


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do You Love Gay?

A video showed in church today. Today's topic really opened my eyes about homosexual and all. Watch the video and give comments about it? Do u agree? hmm..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Isaac's hidden talent. xD

According to the Johari Window, it is good to move more parts of your life to the known window so that you're not secretive to people. So i've decided to move some of my unknown talents and hidden talents to the known window today. :) I think many will be shocked because there are some 1st tries but yet a very successful one..

Hidden Talent No. 1:
Isaac the kindergarden teacher.
yeah you heard that, i've been working part time in a kindergarden teaching Malay language in Korea. YES, MALAY! haha cool eh?

Kindergarden surroundings.

Look at them! so cute wearing Malaysian traditional costumes.

Unknown Talent:
Isaac the Chef!
yeah u heard it! my 1st attempt to make curry chicken and nasi goreng together with Christine and Joanne. But i did most of the cooking job and Christine being the commander and Joanne preparing the ingredients.
Cooked for Dr Bondy and Prof Linda with some other students.

Simple ingredients. :)

During cooking time. Looks nice eh?

The end result! 2 plates of nasi goreng and a pot of curry chicken. The nasi goreng nearer in front is prepared by Christine and I whereas the one further back is done by Joanne.

This rocks! Home cook food does decreases homesickness!!

Thank God they said it was alright! But personally i think if i let my mom tried i would fail this nasi goreng test.

Pumpkin pie made by Prof. Linda Bondy. Thanks! 1st time trying it and it taste great!

3rd hidden talent:
Isaac the book worm and writer.
Can't believe me reading eh? Well i've got a few free books because the library is clearing their books. Besides that i wrote an article about Malaysia in my Weekly KNU's newspaper! And i got paid for that! cool eh?

Currently reading fault lines. Interesting book.

My article!!

Well that's about it for this post! The weather over here is dropping drastic-ly. I really hope i'll be able to experience the snow before heading back to Malaysia!!